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Velociti Fitness
Chuck Inman
Party in Fort Worth
Generations in Transition
Cherry Herzog Personal Trainer
CENTEX – Central Texas Heat Treating & Testing

Founded in 1984, CENTEX Labs (Central Texas Heat Treating & Testing, Inc.) provides exceptional service to local and and nationwide foundries, machine shops, aerospace manufacturers, and the comercial industry with a need for processing and inspection of non-ferrous aluminum and magnesium components.

Chuck Inman Keynote Speaker

Chuck Inman is a motivational keynote speaker and expert trainer in Emotional Intelligence. This website highlights his many achievements as well as talks he offers on leadership, chemical brain freeze and emotional intelligence. There are embedded videos as well as a blog that are part of this site.

The Party In Fort Worth

Created for the Fort Worth Promotion and Development Fund's annual Party in Fort Worth, this website was used to promote the annual theme of "Giant" and the sponsor of the party that year, XTO Energy

John Sklar, M.D.

John Sklar, M.D. is a specialist in spirit, mind, body medicine. Focusing on the treatment of chronic pain, he has helped hundreds of chronic pain sufferers overcome their pain and resume a normal lifestyle. Over the course of his training and career he has developed a successful approach that puts the patient in charge of their recovery, as they should be.

Cherry Herzog Personal Trainer

Cherry Herzog is a local Pilates trainer and personal fitness expert. We designed the site to show the activities clients engaged in during training and workouts. We also included a brief history of Pilates.

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