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Recent work of Robeegraffix Advertising Design

Alta Verde Beef Industries Facilities Brochure

A beef processing plant, Alta Verde needed a brochure that visually handled the subject of beef processing as sensitively as they did in the operation of their plant. The "herd" was used in a painterly fashion on the cover and throughout the book.

Alcon Disposable Products Catalog

A working tool for ophthalmic practices, this catalog, because of the spiral binding, folds out flat making it easy for the staff to use to find and order products. The embossed plastic cover protected the catalog and extended the life of the piece.

Potter’s Wheel CD Packaging

The cover artwork for this CD is a basin, a pitcher and a chalice. Each represents an aspect of holiness. Based on their use, each is also a vessel of mercy, which is the title of the CD, "Vessels of Mercy." Finally, each is also a product of the potter's wheel, which is the name of the band. Talk about serendipity!

Klegecell Product Brochure

Klegecell invented a lightweight, polystyrene foam that could be shaped, milled and manufacuted into almost anything — from a lamenated boat transom to insulated walls with embedded heating units that were used to make railway box cars for ripening bananas on their way to market. Pretty neat stuff.

Mary Jeter Portaits in Oil

This award winning campaign was proudced for local artist Mary Jeter, who needed materials to help sell portraiture. We created a brochure, business cards and direct mail postcards that centered around the beautiful painting she created.

Cowtown Marathon Poster

Every year the Cowtown Marathon has a new poster. The year we did it, we thought using a steer as the running course said it all as the cow in Cowtown became the beginning, middle and end of our poster.

Mayfest Campaign

Another annual event that designers love to get a chance to work on is Mayfest. The year we designed it we used a playful pinwheel to embody the family fun and good times of the event.

Cauble Hoskins Architects Stationery Package

Every business needs a stationery package once they have their logo designed. This package we created for an architectural partnership combined the modern lines of their newly designed logo with classical typography for a stunning layout. To add that extra touch, it was all engraved on a high cotton paper stock.

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