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Recent work of Robeegraffix Advertising Design

Alcon 3E Cairo Invitation

This was a unique invitation sent to the top ENT doctors in the world. We commissioned a custom illustration and printed it digitally right on real papyrus paper. Found some beautiful urns. Rolled the invitation up like a sacred scoll and sent it to the doctors in a special made crate like it was a coming to the straight from a dig in Cairo!

Educational Employees Credit Union Open House Invitation

Sometimes you don't have to spend a lot of money of printing to have a really nice invitation. This is a prime example of that. A simple 2-color print job on nice paper stock that folds up inot the shape of a house! So literally, when they opened the "house" their invitation was on the inside of the invite.

Alcon Wimbledon Invitation

This invitation was printed on the sleeve that went into an actual canister of tennis balls.

Alcon 3E Australia Invitation

So what do you do for the next invitation to the world's top ENT doctors after they've received a papyrus scoll in a jar boxed in a crate? Well, this Australian boomerrang with a hand tied invitation attached was just the answer!

Fort Worth Linotype "Type Hype" Poster

Typography is made up of lines and color and though there is no "real" typography used for the headline of this poster, the message rings through loud and clear! Type is often the means of the message in our business.

Alcon Dry Eye Summit Invitation

Using digital printing and an accordian fold along with a special tie-clasp envelope, we were able to create an engaging invitation for the Dry Eye Summit held in Chicago at minimal cost to the client.

Fort Worth Boat Club J/80 Regatta T-shirt

When you think of regattas, Fort Worth doesn't really come to mind. So we created a promotional logo that had a cowboy riding a sailboat through the sky to drive home the idea that Cowtown was a sailing town, too!

Fort Worth Sesquicentennial Poster

To celebrate Fort Worth's 150th birthday we were one of a number a designers and artists commissioned to create a poster around the theme "Where the Fun is Coming at You!"

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