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Recent work of Robeegraffix Advertising Design

Fresh ideas are paramount when it comes to creating design and advertising that works for clients and achieves their marketing communication goals.

The design passion and strategic creativity of Robeegraffix Advertising Design, llc is the product of the two principles of the firm, Gina McEuen and Roby McEuen.

It is their vision, personalities and design skills that bring the work they create for their clients alive. Their unique approach to problem solving coupled with their experience guarantees each client individual solutions to their communication challenges.

Successful assignments include:

  • • development of corporate identity packages for both start-up and mature organizations
    • concept, design and execution of integrated marketing and advertising campaigns
    • development of effective marketing plans and strategies.

At Robeegraffix, we make you look good.

That’s a promise.

Gina McEuen Gina R. McEuen — President & Co-Creative Director

A graduate of Texas Christian University with a BFA, Gina spent two years designing for Pier 1 Imports in their in-house creative department before striking out on her own in a partnership with another designer/illustrator from Pier 1.

Gina combines experience and a sharp mind, with clear vision and no-nonsense decision making ability when it comes to consulting on the work of the firm.

An accomplished creative designer, she works with businesses and non-profit organizations to brand products, services and events. Gina sees the “big picture” when

helping clients decide on the best strategy. More importantly, she is a “big idea” person and intuitively knows how to get inside the minds of the market and see what makes them respond. Her highly responsive passion for the client's success and love of design and marketing are reflected in the fast starts and accurate completion of total promotional communication packages for almost any sized company or event.

What makes the work she oversees so special is Gina's ability to incorporate the latest in design trends, color and current design thinking giving each client’s work hippness, relevance and the originality necessary to be effective.

Roby B. McEuen — Co-Creative Director

Roby is the day-to-day creative and contact for the firm. He has extensive experience, having worked as an art director and designer in-house, at an advertising agency and at a design firm prior to fouding Robeegraffix Advertising Design. He also teaches communication graphics as a Specialist at The University of Texas Arlington, in the Department of Communication. He holds a Masters of Arts in Advertising Design from Syracuse University. His thesis is on Creating Environments that Inspire Creativity: A Look Inside The Richards Group, Pentagram Design and Fossil Watches.

The resident typophile of the company, Roby can name most

typefaces just by looking at them, or at the very least, classify them based on the anatomy of the letterforms. This may not sound very exciting, but considering every communication project has typography as a core component, he’s not a bad guy to have around.

A designer, educator and washboard player, Roby has been partnering with clients and teaching the next generation of visual problem solvers for a quite a while.

He is detail oriented and never throws away any scrap of paper, especially if it has something written on it.

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