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Recent work of Robeegraffix Advertising Design

Small Space Newspaper Advertising

Sometimes, where an ad runs is just as important as what the ad communicates. In this instance, these ads for the Carriage House ran in the food section of the newspaper, a very busy section visually. The added white space around the high contrast illustrations made the ads "jump" right off the page!

Small Space Magazine Advertising

Small space magazine advertising needs to be clear and graphic to get attention. We used a map motif and the coast of Texas as the backdrop to great food photography and some alliteration in the headline to highlight the variety of fresh seafood served by Water Street Seafood Co.

Full Page Newspaper Advertising

This full page ad for Haltom's Jewelers was a Gold ADDY winner. It utilized a wrapping paper theme for this holiday ad, while making use of product shots from various vendors that worked in a modular format.

Bus Bench Advertising (Local Outdoor)

Bus bench advertising works just like outdoor bulletin boards, just on a smaller scale. Nice hero shot of the food that Carshon's Deli is famous for making, and a headline to remind customers just how good their food really is!

Outdoor Bulletin

The rule for great outdoor is to keep it simple and that's just what we did for the outdoor board for Simply Fondue. A little play on words drives home the idea that fondue forks can also be dessert forks. A pretty photo of a delicious strawberry dipped in chocolate. Their logo. And finally, a tagline that plays off the DIY craze that underscores the experience at Simply Fondue - Fondue-It-Yourself.

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